How Aged Garlic brought fortune to this little girl (Fiction)

This folktale is about a little girl named Aidou, living in Ronmaijan, somewhere in Dibarumukh. This beautiful village was known to have situated in the foothills of the lower Himalayas in the Brahmaputra Valley before it got eroded by the devastating floods.

It was a mid spring night,  Last night, a storm locally known as Bordoloisila hit the village, causing damage to homes and farmlands. As stood among the wreckage, she couldn’t help but wonder why God was so insatiable with them every year. Bulbul, the hungry little girl, had eaten mashed potatoes with Dhekia, a vegetable fern, for dinner the previous evening.

As stood in the aftermath of the storm, she noticed the smell of burning wood and began walking towards the highway, almost in a daze. The little girl was hungry. When came to senses the next morning, found herself amidst a pile of stones. Desperate for food, nothing but could cry out for help and look around with the pale, squinted eyes. The hunger and thurst broke down her badly.


Near the pile of stones where she was laying helplessly, noticed a burnt bamboo whole. Usually they use to ferment fish in such bamboo wholes.

But to her surprise, there was garlic with slightly brownish skin and black cloves inside. It might have been sandwiched between the stones during the flood drained from uphills.

Hoping it would relieve hunger, she peeled the skin off the garlic and ate a clove.. and then the entire garlic.

Meanwhile, a neighbor with a herd of cattle found Bulbul and took her home. Gave her some smoked nuts to help relieve from hunger.

On the way back, Bulbul showed the neighbor, who she calls as Dai what she had found, but did not take time to dismissed it as useless. However, Bulbul insisted that it was sweet and not pungent. Dai tasted it with a cluless expression.

The next day, Bulbul visited the village market to trade swan eggs and planned to met Head Sir as planned with dai. Head sir, ran a school in the village and was respected by everyone for his knowledge of subjects. It was somehow, Head Sir knew about the tradition of ageing garlics by the tribes of uphills.

Dai and Bulbul was intrigued by the idea of using the aging process to convert fresh garlic into a tastier and healthier one, and discussed with the other villagers about it. A ray of hope striked in the eyes of everyone. This is how they could preserve their garlic harvests.

The idea was met with appreciation, and the villegers agreed that it would earn them extra coins.

A year after that meeting, Dai, the neighbor who had rescued Bulbul, was excited to show her a new school uniform. Bulbul was surprise indeed.

Dai explained how Bulbul’s discovery of the aged garlic brought good luck to the entire village, adding to their household income and the garlics were not wasted.

The villegers were happy and decided to contribute earnings to send her to school again. Bulbul had lost her parents few years ago and stopped going to school.

Few years later..

Bulbul was seen standing on the staircase of the university, from where she will earn the graduation today. No doubt, she was grateful for the incident that happened and discovered aged garlic that made her and the villegers life fulfilled.

Subconsciously, she took out some aged garlic from her bag and passed on to the childrens begging at the street on her way back to hostel.

Let the good luck of aged garlic touch and move the little ones also. She thought!

The story of Bulbul and the struggles of the villegers are inspiring. Why not to spread the goodness of this exotic, deliciously sweet, and elegant syrupy garlic across the world?

We are in a mission to spread the heritage of aged garlic since the day we heard about it.

Come, together we celebrate the goodness. Let the new star shine and join the luckiest league.