In pursuit of wellbeing & mindfulness

Tholua was founded in 2018 with a fierce determination to showcase and celebrate the regal essence of indigenous lifestyles. 

The name is derived from the Assamese word for “native,” an embodiment of our unwavering commitment to raw, pure, and authentic experiences.

At Tholua, we boldly champion the uncompromising spirit of fearlessness in everything we do.

Our brand is a reflection of our vision to capture, nurture and display the triumph of rustic living in all its glory.

We believe in taking bold steps to showcase the beauty of our heritage and we will continue doing so with great pride

Our journey is all about bringing back the native and natural aspects into people’s lives. Even the name THOLUA, embodies the essence of being native in the Assamese language. We must recognise that the rapid urbanisation we’ve seen was primarily driven by the pursuit of wealth and industrialisation.

As humans, we find ourselves entwined in this urban web, whether by chance or destiny. But no matter how far we venture from our roots, there’s a compelling force that draws us back towards our core.